NGO Committee on Mental Health - New York

End of Year Event and Planning - June 2015
Media's Role in Advancing Human Rights, Health, and Well-Being of Women - April 2015
Parallel Event Commission on the Status of Women 59 - Future Directions to Ensure Health & Mental Health for Girls & Women - March 2015
The Impact of Trauma over the Lifespan: Fear, Danger, and Loss - February 2015 (No photos available)
Mental Health Consequences of Human Rights Violations: Persecution, Violence, and Discrimination - December 2014
Gallery: The Impact of Racism on Mental Health and Well-Being - November 2014
World Mental Health Day - Integrating Physical and Mental Health to Promote Well-Being - October 2014
End of Year Members Meeting and Recognition Event - June 2014 (No photos available)
Social Change and Well-Being: The Role of the Media - CMH-CCCUN Event - May 2014
The Effect of Trauma on Mental and Physical Health - April 22, 2014 - Rescheduled from Feb 13, 2014
Immigrants & Refugees: Stories of Strength & Resilience - April 2014
CSW 58-The MDGs and Progress in Advancing the Mental Health of Women and Girls - March, 2014
Ethnic Conflicts, Violence, and Mental Health - January 2014 (No photos available)
Human Rights and Well-being Across the Life Span - December 2013
Children and Youth: Coping with Adversity and Promoting Well-Being - November 2013 (No photos available)
WMHD-Comprehensive Global Mental Health Action Plan and the NCDs: Future Directions - October 2013
Sustainable Communities, Healthy Buildings, and Well-Being - September 2013
End of Year Member Recognition Event - June 2013
Utilizing Innovative Technologies for Mental Health and Well-Being - May 2013
Contemporary Refugee Issues: Crises & Challenges - April 2013
CSW 57- Intervention and Prevention Violence Against Women and Girls - March 2013
Social Integration, Poverty Eradication and Employment: Impact on Mental Health and Well-Being - February 2013
Ageing and Well-Being - January 2013
Human Rights Issues Affecting Mental Health, Trauma, and Indigenous People - December 2012
Global Mental Health, WHO Action Plan: Integrating Physical and Mental Health - October 2012
Coping with the Aftermath of Conflict and War: Loss, Recovery, and Well-Being - September 2012
End of Year Members Meeting and Recognition Event - June 2012
Utilizing Media to Promote Human Rights, Mental Health and Well-Being - May 2012
Emergency Mental Health & Psychosocial Response in Disasters - April 2012
Parallel event for CSW "Promoting Mental Health and Well-Being of Rural Women and Girls - March 2012
Intersection of Human Rights, Religious Freedom, and Civil Law - February 2012
A Multi-Faceted Approach to Universal Well-Being: Brain Education as a Tool to Help Alleviate Poverty and Promote Equality - January 2012
International Day of Persons with Disabilities & Human Rights Day - December 2011
Children & Youth 2011: Progress & Challenges - November 2011 (No Photos Available)
Healthy Ageing: The Value Of Social Support - October 2011
Global Challenge of Chronic Disease: Interaction of Physical and Mental Health Risks - September 2011
Sustainability and Well-Being: Intersection of Environment and Psychology 19th Commission on Sustainable Development - May 2011
Media and Technologies' Role in Global Well-Being - April 2011
Mental Health Consequences Resulting from Barriers to the Education of Girls and Women (CSW 55 Event) - March 2011
Mental Health and the Commission for Social Development: Having Your Say - February 2011
Inner Healing in the Impact of War - January 2011 (No Photos Available)
Mainstreaming Disability and Human Rights for Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities - December 2010
Cyberviolence Against Children Cosponsored with Children's Rights Comm. - November 2010
Youth Participation and Global Well-Being - October 2010
Appreciation Event - June 2010
Brain Science, Technology and Mental Health - May 2010
Children, Youth, and Families: Global Well-Being and the Media - April 2010
Keys to Women's Empowerment: Mental Health and Human Rights - March 2010
20th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child - January 2010
Celebrating Human Rights Day - December 2009
World Mental Health Day October 2009
Intervention & Prevention of Depression & Suicide: Multicultural Perspectives - November 2009
Appreciation Events 2008/2009
Mental Health Implications for Caregivers - September 2009
Media, Human Rights & Global Well-Being - April 2009
CSW Panels 2009
Racism & Related Intolerances 2008/2009
Trauma 2009
Human Rights Omnibus 2008
Slavery in 2007 - May - Racism & Children's Working Group Program
Committee on Mental Health Program Photos 2006-2007